S'Fairy du Musher

Født / Birth : 20. april 2021

Fairy til træning i PH_edited.jpg
Fairy, WD stamtavle.png

Why we chose Fairy as our new girl

My dogs lives in the house with us, and are therefore a big part of the family. They are in our everyday life, with us and our guests. Our dogs are social with healthy nervesystems.

Training can be many things, among others rescue dogs, obedience, tracks, agility, nosework, bitingworks and others. I like my dogs to be able to both relax and work, in our trainingsessions. The cooperation between me and my dog is very important, and willingness to listen and work together, makes the best cooperation for me.

Therefore I like the type of dog, that wants this cooperation, and are a teamplayer. Not a dog that wants to work for itself.

This is why I brought Fairy home, and the lines she represent.

Fairy is a calm and confident girl, with good drives. She has a great willingness to cooperate with handler. She has a natural way of approaching things, not reckless but not afraid either.  

Fairy 8 måneder / 8 month

Christmas 2021:

Fairy, Julen 2021,7, SUPER_edited.jpg
Fairy, Julen 2021,1, SUPER.jpg
Fairy, Julen 2021,5, SUPER.jpg

Fairy 8 month and Juizy 7½ years

Christmas 2021:

Juizy og Fairy, Julen 2021,7, SUPER.jpg
Juizy og Fairy, Julen 2021,3, SUPER.jpg
Fairy og Batur, Christmas 2021,1_edited_
Fairy og Batur, Christmas 2021_edited.jp

Fairy and her Boxer friend Batur from Germany

Fairy 6-7 måneder / 6-7 month:

Fairy, 6 mdr.,2.jpg

Fairy and Juizy playing

Fairy, 6 mdr_edited.jpg
Fairy, 7 mdr.,2.jpg
Fairy, 7 mdr..jpg
Fairy, 7 mdr.,4.jpg
Fairy, 7 mdr.,5.jpg
Fairy, 7 mdr.,1.jpg

Fairy 12 weeks:


Fairy at the veterinary:


Fairy's first weeks in Denmark:

Fairyhvalp,18 SUPER.jpg
Fairyhvalp,25 SUPER,H.jpg
Fairy og Juizy leger med ben, SUPER,H.jpg
Fairyhvalp,20 SUPER.jpg
Fairyhvalp,24 SUPER.jpg
Fairyhvalp,11 SUPER,H.jpg
Fairyhvalp,14 SUPER,H.jpg
Fairyhvalp,16 SUPER,H.jpg
Fairyhvalp,17 SUPER.jpg
Fairyhvalp,9 SUPER,H.jpg
Fairy og Juizy,1 SUPER.jpeg

Fairy at the travel from Toulouse in France to Denmark:

Fairyhvalp, SUPER,H.jpg
Fairyhvalp,2 SUPER,H.jpg
Fairy og Phila hvalpe i lufthavn,H.jpg
Fairyhvalp,5 SUPER,H.jpg

When we fetched Fairy in the airport Toulouse, France:

Fairy og Phila i Toulouse lufthavn SUPER.jpeg
Fairyhvalp, Kirsten og Mario SUPER.jpeg

The puppies are 3 weeks: